Locally Sewn 


Handcrafted Textiles by Helen O'Sullivan


The philosophy behind my shop is to make handmade textiles with an attention to originality of design and quality materials.  My current focus is on handmade nuno felted scarves.  The word "nuno" comes from a Japanese word meaning "cloth" or "layer".  Indeed, in this handmade, one of a kind scarf, layers of silk and merino wool are layered together to create a lightweight statement piece that will liven up any outfit. In one scarf, you will enjoy the delicacy of a silk scarf with the warmth and softness of a wool scarf.  

These scarves are wearable art and no two scarves are the same.  Accent your winter coat, a summer dress, or a cashmere sweater with one of these scarves to breathe new life into your wardrobe.  

I was recently featured in a television program called "Colour and Vision: Portraits in Art".  This program celebrates the diversity of art in all of its different mediums.  My approach to fiber begins at the 15:45 mark.  Click on the video below to watch:)